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Proofreading entails correcting grammar, formatting, spelling, typography, and/or punctuation. It’s the final step before your writing goes public, whether that means hitting publish on your blog post or sending your piece for publication.


Copyediting requires a grammar and spelling check, but goes beyond proofreading. A copyedit involves suggesting improvements on flow and structure of the writing; flagging any inconsistencies, for example with character descriptions or plot; or, alerting you to any potential legal liabilities or copyright issues. It’s a thorough examination of your writing to improve its structure and content.

Combination: Copyediting & Proofreading

Often, a combination of services is required. Your work goes through the copyediting process, and then, after the revisions are made, returns to me for a final proofread. This is a comprehensive read-through to make sure your writing is ready for the world!