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  • Keeping up with—Grammar Tips! Episode 3 (The Finale)
    Tonight, Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs its final episode. Ever. With that, I bring you the final “episode” of Keeping up with Grammar Tips. Click here for Episode 1 and Episode 2. We’re going to focus on: Lie versus Lay These two are commonly confused because they have similar (but not the same) meanings.Continue reading “Keeping up with—Grammar Tips! Episode 3 (The Finale)”
  • Keeping up with—Grammar Tips! Episode 2
    Hello and welcome to another “episode” of Keeping up with Grammar Tips! Missed out on the first “episode”? Check it out here. Grammar can sometimes be complicated, and to make matters worse, English has quite a few words that sound the same–enter homophones. Let’s discuss some common homophone mix-ups to make your writing shine! WhoseContinue reading “Keeping up with—Grammar Tips! Episode 2”
  • Keeping up with—Grammar Tips! Episode 1
    For most people this is no longer “breaking news”–if it ever was–but for those that don’t already know, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) is ending its twenty season run in a couple of weeks! Why am I mentioning this you ask? Mostly as an excuse to use hilarious screen caps while they’re still “relevant”Continue reading “Keeping up with—Grammar Tips! Episode 1”
  • WandaVision
    I think it’s safe to say Marvel fans and casual viewers alike have been completely enthralled by WandaVision. This post contains minimal *spoilers*, but I suggest having watched at least the first couple of episodes first–if not all of them! In WandaVision, we meet the familiar characters of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, but this timeContinue reading “WandaVision”
  • Client Spotlight: John Holmes
    Welcome to another client spotlight! Last fall I had the privilege to work with English author John Holmes on his latest novel, Lily Upshire is Winning. Read on to learn more in John’s own words about him and Lily. What is Lily Upshire Is Winning about?Initially, a big company that won’t say sorry to aContinue reading “Client Spotlight: John Holmes”
  • Tasty Details
    As evidenced by the above image, I am not a professional cook, nor am I gifted food stylist. I do like to cook though. And eat! At their core, recipes require developing, testing, more developing, and often, more testing. Once the desired result is achieved, the recipe is written out. It needs to apply universalContinue reading “Tasty Details”
  • New Year Updates!
    Welcome one, welcome all! I hope you all had a wonderful, restful, and safe holiday. Just a quick note to let you know some updates: 🔸 New blog posts are coming—at least two or three a month. Stay tuned! 🔸 In December I was featured alongside others on Sophia Patel’s blog. Check it out here.Continue reading “New Year Updates!”
  • Happy Holidays!
    Just a quick post wishing you all a happy holiday season! The blog will take a short break but will be back in January with fresh content! Stay safe and keep well. See you all in the New Year!
  • Author Interview: David R. Slayton
    Recently I had the pleasure of reading White Trash Warlock, the first book in a wonderful fantasy series released in 2020 (read more here). The book’s author, David R. Slayton, graciously sat down to answer my many questions! Read on to learn more about David and White Trash Warlock. What attracted you to writing? What’sContinue reading “Author Interview: David R. Slayton”
  • Author Interview: Elizabeth Eckstein
    One of the fantasy worlds I’ve visited recently was that of The Crucible of the Crimson Lion, or at least its first instalment in the series, Quicksilver & Brimstone (read more about the book here). The author of this series, Elizabeth Eckstein kindly answered my questions so we could learn about the world of alchemyContinue reading “Author Interview: Elizabeth Eckstein”
  • Author Interview: Blake R. Wolfe
    The fantasy world of Udalara lies within the pages of The Crystal Eye, the first Book of a series released in 2020 (read more here). Continue reading for my interview of endless questions with the author, Blake R. Wolfe! What attracted you to writing? What’s your favourite thing about the process? I’ve actually been dabblingContinue reading “Author Interview: Blake R. Wolfe”
  • 3 Fantasy Books to Read this Holiday
    The holiday season is in full swing which means the countdown to the holiday reading-fest is on! Whether you’re looking for a last-minute present for a book-lover on your list or you just need an escape from the insane year this has been, here are three book suggestions to help you out! In no particularContinue reading “3 Fantasy Books to Read this Holiday”
  • A Note on Rejection
    Rejection is no picnic. When submitting work or applying to a position, no one likes being told: “No thank you” or “We’re going in a different direction”. It can be quite a brutal experience. In the editing/writing/blogging/content creating world, this is something we all go through at some time or another. Recently, there were tonsContinue reading “A Note on Rejection”
  • I ❤️ Schitt’s Creek. You Should Too.
    Looking for a good show to binge in the lead up to the holidays? Have you watched Schitt’s Creek? There are really only two acceptable answers to this question: 1. Yes! It’s fantastic, I should watch it again. 2. No, but I plan to! There are so many wonderful things to say about this show:Continue reading “I ❤️ Schitt’s Creek. You Should Too.”
  • Client Spotlight: The Intrepid Eater
    Welcome everyone to the first client spotlight post! I’d like to introduce you to Adam Berkelmans, founder of The Intrepid Eater, a website dedicated to sharing all aspects of food. From preparation to history, hunting techniques to harvesting, Adam covers it all! Read on to learn more! Who are you? What do you do?I amContinue reading “Client Spotlight: The Intrepid Eater”
  • Farewell Supernatural
    This week we say goodbye to Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural. Forever. But perhaps more importantly, we bid farewell to their trusty Impala, Baby! Okay, maybe not more importantly, but she certainly does play an integral role in the show. She’s basically a member of the Winchester family having served “the boys” as wellContinue reading “Farewell Supernatural”
  • Maintaining Voice
    As I mentioned in a previous post (here), no one can write your story but you. To take that one step further, I’ll also point out that no one can write with your voice but you. Whether it’s through creative writing, a blog post, or in your approach to a fitness regime or recipe, yourContinue reading “Maintaining Voice”
  • Writing and the Plagues of Self-Doubt
    Self-doubt is no friend–to anyone. Recently, I’ve seen many social media posts from writers feeling down about their writing. I do understand that, unfortunately, this is not a problem exclusive to writers, but for the sake of this post, we’ll focus our lens on them. (And, for anyone feeling lost or having trouble, you’re notContinue reading “Writing and the Plagues of Self-Doubt”
  • Choices, Otherness, and Data
    Not unlike many other people in the last few months, I’ve had quite an unusual amount of time on my hands. Of course, this means I’ve been very productive—catching up on all of the shows I’ve neglected! Because of the current situation, I’ve also been in need of something a little more nostalgic and comforting.Continue reading “Choices, Otherness, and Data”
  • Welcome! Welcome!
    Let’s start off with a big THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and hang out for a paragraph or two. This blog is meant to be a way for us all to get to know each other. To make connections, share similar passions, and start conversations. My love of languageContinue reading “Welcome! Welcome!”