Keeping up with—Grammar Tips! Episode 2

Hello and welcome to another “episode” of Keeping up with Grammar Tips!

Missed out on the first “episode”? Check it out here.

Grammar can sometimes be complicated, and to make matters worse, English has quite a few words that sound the same–enter homophones.

GAH! Homophones!

Let’s discuss some common homophone mix-ups to make your writing shine!

  • Whose versus Who’s

Whose = possessive form

Whose bike is this? It’s Johnny’s bike. (Read: To whom does the bike belong?)

I don’t know whose this is. (Read: It’s unknown who the owner is.)

Who’s = who + is (subject: third person singular + to be)

Who’s there? (Read: Who is there? Which person is there?)

I don’t know who’s coming. (Read: I don’t know who is coming. What people are coming?)

  • Their versus There versus They’re

Their = possessive

Tony and Susan’s parents were out, so their grandmother came for supper. (Read: Tony and Susan’s grandmother came for supper. She is Tony and Susan’s grandmother.)

There = place, location; or there is/are + statement

Look over there! (Read: Look over yonder! Look at that place!)

There are several animals on the boat. (Read: Several animals are on the boat.)

There is a banana on the counter. (Read: The banana is on the counter.)

They’re = they + are (subject: third person plural + to be)

They’re beautiful flowers! (Read: They are beautiful flowers! The flowers are beautiful.)

  • Your versus You’re

Your = possession

Your dog is so cute! (Read: The dog that is yours is cute.)

You’re = you + are (subject: second person singular + to be)

You’re writing a newsletter. (Read:

  • Its versus It’s

Its = possession

The flower wilted. Its petals fell to the ground. (Read: The flower’s petals fell.)

It’s = it + is (subject: third person singular + to be)

It’s a beautiful day! (Read: It is a beautiful day! The day is beautiful.)

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