Tasty Details

They taste better than they look—I promise!

As evidenced by the above image, I am not a professional cook, nor am I gifted food stylist. I do like to cook though. And eat!

At their core, recipes require developing, testing, more developing, and often, more testing. Once the desired result is achieved, the recipe is written out.

It needs to apply universal measurements and terminology (or include technical explanations) so that it can be easily followed and accurate results are achieved.

Without these basic elements, the recipe is—to be blunt—useless.

Part of the efficacy of the recipe is also in the ability of the person following it, as evidenced by my cookies…

Each night this week I completed one step of a new recipe I discovered online for Hamantaschen cookies. The recipe called for two main components: filling and dough.

I made the poppyseed filling, and I made the dough—but substituted for gluten free flour.

When it came time to form the cookies, I tried rolling out the dough, and in classic gluten free fashion, it was dry and crumbly. Then, the poppyseeds were off, so I ended up replacing the homemade filling with store-bought jam.

But everything more or less worked out. And, as I mentioned in the caption, they’re ugly but delicious!

When you fast track, skip, or replace a step in a process, no matter how experienced you are, you’re at risk of missing something.

In the writing process, whether writing an article, blog post, recipe, or book, you may be tempted to edit and proofread all drafts yourself. I’m not saying don’t review your own work, but I’m also saying don’t ONLY rely on yourself at this crucial stage. Use your community, your editor, and your handy dandy proofreader! 🙋🏻‍♀️

We can look at your work with a critical and impartial eye to catch mistakes, critique flow, and so much more. We are a good test audience, just like if you were testing a recipe to make sure it works.

Skipping this crucial step in the process might mean that, like my cookies, the content is great, but the visual quality isn’t quite up to snuff…

Proofreaders and editors are not as close to the work as you are, but it doesn’t mean we’re not invested. We want to see you succeed and be successful!

Contact me for proofreading and copyediting help! Let’s nurture your success together!

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Thanks for sharing this time together. See you again soon.

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