Farewell Supernatural

Left to right: Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)

This week we say goodbye to Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural.


But perhaps more importantly, we bid farewell to their trusty Impala, Baby!

Okay, maybe not more importantly, but she certainly does play an integral role in the show. She’s basically a member of the Winchester family having served “the boys” as well as their dad on most hunting adventures.

She’s as essential to the story as “the boys” are, much like the ship Serenity is in Firefly, the Enterprise is in Star Trek: the Next Generation, and the TARDIS is in Doctor Who.

It’s ingenious how the writers were able to embue such importance into an inanimate object. She represents a sense of home and stability for “the boys”. The show wouldn’t be the same without her. (There’s even an episode from Baby’s point of view in Season 11—well worth a rewatch!)

I don’t know what’s going to happen to Baby, but I hope she has a fond farewell and not some devastating accident in the final moments of the show—plot twist!

But as we know, Supernatural is a show with essentially limitless possibilities. It must have been both equally a joy and a terror of a show to write. Having so many choices at your fingertips, but also knowing that you have to out-do everything you did before.

The writers persisted, and I applaud them. Not every episode, or every story arc is perfect, I’m not blind to imperfection, but on the whole, this show was a pleasure to watch.

There’s over fifteen years of things to comment on: the show’s self-awareness; its ability to laugh at itself; to make us cry; to make us question religion, belief, and free-will; to talk about death, dying, and what it means to be alive; to honour family, friendship, and love; its ability to delve into the world of writers and fan-fiction and base such an important storyline off of that (represent!); and so much more!

I could go on, but honestly, it would take years. And I’ve fangirled enough.

Instead, I’ll end by saying: goodbye Sam and Dean.

Carry on my wayward sons.

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Thank you for sharing this time together. See you again soon.

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