Writing and the Plagues of Self-Doubt

(photo cred: Hello I’m Nik.)

Self-doubt is no friend–to anyone.

Recently, I’ve seen many social media posts from writers feeling down about their writing.

I do understand that, unfortunately, this is not a problem exclusive to writers, but for the sake of this post, we’ll focus our lens on them.

(And, for anyone feeling lost or having trouble, you’re not alone. I encourage you to please seek help.)

The cloak of self-doubt can be a heavy one to bear, especially when someone is already exhausted from writing a new piece, book, or what-have-you. Whether it’s a writer of fiction, a blogger, or an influencer, the act of creating for an audience can be an intimidating one.

A fiction writer is responsible for creating whole worlds, describing picturesque landscapes or dangerous terrains, or even mapping out solar systems. They breath life into all of the characters they write, giving them dimension, personality, and soul.

This is by no means an easy feat. It’s no wonder that self-doubt creeps its way in, leading so many writers to hide their work until it’s “perfect”.

But, a writer’s words are meant to be shared. They’re meant to spark imagination and creativity, or discussion and conversation. If no one but the writer is allowed to read the work, these words remain fruitless.

I think a lot of writers enter the spiral vortex of self-doubt during the revision process. Or at least, this is what I’ve read recently on Twitter.

Constantly cutting and editing and rewriting. It can certainly be discouraging, but mostly it’s exhausting!

Self-promotion time: proofreaders and editors are here to help. We like revision!

We can’t do everything, but we can be a support system to help lift up a writer and their work.

Along with beta-readers, we’re also a good sounding board to work out any major kinks or issues.

I know there are plenty of writers who enjoy the revision process–that’s great! We’re here to help you too! Having an extra set of eyes on your work is always better!

For those struggling, I suggest the following:

  1. Be kind to yourself.
  2. Ask for help where you can.
  3. Take time for yourself.
  4. And, sometimes, if the work just really isn’t coming together, it may be time to move on to something new. And that’s okay.

Remember, no one can tell your story but you.

Be kind to yourself. (Hmm, repeating myself? Must be an important one.)

From what I’ve seen, there’s an incredible community of writers out there that are all more than willing to help a fellow writer. Check out #writerscommunity on Twitter to make some new connections.

Message me if you’re looking for a fresh set of eyes or would like to discuss how I can help you with your next project.

And, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Thank you for sharing this time together. See you soon.

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